The Holland Center is currently accepting applications for diagnostic assessments and enrollment.

Before submitting an application for enrollment to the Center, please look over the mandatory enrollment considerations:

Holland Center Enrollment Considerations:

If you would like to submit an application for enrollment, please download and print out our enrollment application and either send it back to us. via fax, mail or email, to the attention of Leslie Lelii.  When submitting your application, please also include any necessary medical documents and insurance cards (front and back).

After an application is received, the Holland Center Staff will then do the following steps

  1. 1.   Review necessary reports to determine eligibility and mental status
  2. 2.   Verify insurance
  3. 3.   Schedule a tour of the center
  4. 4.   Check staff/space availability
  5. 5.   Schedule an Intake Interview to determine necessity of Holland Center services
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