Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Assessment

Holland Center offers a comprehensive diagnostic assessment for suspected autism spectrum disorders.

Overview of the Diagnostic Assessment Process:
Our staff psychologist administers a series of parent questionnaires, including the Autism Diagnostic Interview, conducts formal cognitive testing with the child, and performs the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) with the child.  Our speech and language pathologist will conduct formal language testing, and a comprehensive and diagnostic report will be written and provided to you upon feedback of the evaluation. 

The assessment is conducted across 2 separate days during the same week, typically on Monday and Wednesday from 9am – 12pm. The following outline is a breakdown of what your evaluation days will look like:


Mondays – Day 1: Questionnaires, IQ, Language

9:00 – Parent will meet with psychologist, receive explanation of testing process, discuss reporting of results, and receive instructions on completing questionnaires. 

Initial observation of child.

9:30 – Psychologist administers WPPSI, WISC, or Mullen (IQ/cognitive testing), Parent completes Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales and Social Communication Questionnaire.

10:30 – Speech and Language Pathologist administers PLS, CELF-4, or CELF-P (language testing), Parent completes Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales and Social Communication Questionnaire

11:30 – Parent meets with psychologist to go over questionnaires, answer initial questions, and go over testing process for Day 2.

End at 12:00pm Total 3:00 hours

Wednesdays– Day 2: Parent interview, ADOS

***Note: The first two hours of the evaluation are with the parent only on this day.***

***Your child will need to be brought to Holland Center at 10:45am to complete testing. ***

9:00– Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised with parent and psychologist.

10:00– Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule is conducted with the child. Parent may or may not participate in this part of the assessment, depending on age/developmental level of the child.

11:45 – Wrap up, psychologist will discuss the next steps with the parent, when they can expect results, and schedule a feedback session.

End at 12:00pm Total: 3:00 hours


At the completion of your evaluation, you will schedule a feedback session, which typically will last about 1 hour, at which you will receive the completed written report of your child’s assessment and results will be discussed with your family.  You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding your child’s diagnosis and steps to take to obtain services for them.  You will be provided with information about available services within the community that are available to meet your child’s needs.


Holland Center is in network with the following insurance companies:

Preferred One
Private Pay

Even though Holland Center is in network with these insurance companies, it is not a guarantee of payment.  Payment is determined by the insurance company when a claim is received.

Holland Center takes checks, credit card or money orders for private pay patients.


Scheduling an evaluation may be done by contacting our Intake Coordinator at 952-215-3753.  After scheduling your evaluation, you will need to complete the assessment intake packet (link below) and return the completed packet to the Intake Coordinator at Holland Center in order to secure an evaluation date. Your appointment will not be scheduled until we have received all necessary documents. 

Consent and Agreement for Psychological Testing and Evaluation Click Here
ASD Intake Packet Click Here


The clinic has a 48 hour cancellation policy in which you must notify the clinic no less than 48 business hours prior to your scheduled evaluation should you need to cancel.  


If you have any questions about the evaluation/assessment process you may contact Dr. Nicole Smith at 952-215-3759.  If you have questions related to fees, wait times, or any other scheduling questions please contact our Intake Corrdinator at 952-215-3753.

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