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Parent Resource Group
Monthly parent resource groups and topical trainings are available.
Our philosophy at Holland Center is to provide the best care and treatment to not only the child, but to the family as a whole.  We understand the difficulties a family encounters when raising a child on the spectrum.  We also recognize the importance of having peer support during your journey, as well as information sharing and learning that can help make the journey a little easier. Support groups offer an opportunity to meet with other parents who are experiencing the same struggles, while also receiving training and information sharing on a number of topics related to your child's care and well-being.  Some Parent Resource Groups are focused on specific issues and will have someone leading a discussion on a topic families have requested.  Others are closed to the public “open forum” discussions where parents at Holland Center can share personal successes and struggles with one another.  

C.A.D.E. (Children with Austism Deserve Education)
C.A.D.E. (Children with Autism Deserve Education) is a 501c3 non-profit charity which provides support to families affected by autism via grants for autism research, therapy and medical interventions. C.A.D.E. also provides technology grants to provide Apple IPads to enhance the lives of those living with Autism.
C.A.D.E. is 100% volunteer run and is based in Minnetonka, MN.  To learn more or inquire about the C.A.D.E. grants that are available go to:  or email

Autism Assistance Dogs
There are a wide range of ways and levels in which people are affected by autism and  every resource can have a profound impact on their quality of life.  An article worth sharing, “The Life-Changing Impact of Autism Service Dogs”, discusses the benefits that an autism assistance dog can have on individuals living with autism.

Consultation and Evaluation Services
Holland Center offers consulting services to families, school districts and treatment centers across the United States and abroad. 
These consultation services include:
-Consultation with parents and all relevant persons who are working with the child to determine the instructional needs of the child.
-Assessment of the child.
-Treatment of the child using the principles of ABA and B.F. Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior.
-Development of behavior intervention plans will be completed if necessary.
-Development of program data management systems and methods to use data to make instructional decisions.
-Scheduling and organization of child and program materials to maximize benefit of instruction.
-Written documentation of recommendations following consultation will also be provided.
For additional information or to schedule a consultation or evaluation please contact Holland Center at (952) 401-3753.

Holland Center is excited to be able to offer a new series of workshops titled, 'A Parent's Guide to Autism Workshops'. The first in this series of workshops is focused on 'Increasing Cooperation in Children with Autism'. 
Our goal is to help parents learn how to increase cooperation and reduce problematic behaviors in children with autism. These workshops will offer parents the tools and techniques needed.
For additional information or if you are interested in bringing a workshop to your area please contact Holland Center at (952) 401-3753.

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