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Holland Center Staff

Jennifer Larson
Owner, CEO
Opened May 2004
Dr. Nicole Smith, Psy.D., LP
Clinic Director
Started November 2011
Marietta N. Janecky, M.Ed., BCBA
Senior Behavior Analyst
Started September 2013
Nicole Miller, B.S., MHP
Intake Coordinator
Started February 2013
Stephanie Taft, M.A., BCBA
Clinical Supervisor
Started February 2012
Alexis Waldin, M.S., BCBA
Clinical Supervisor
Started January 2013
Lindsay McMillan, M.A., BCBA
Clinical Supervisor
Started May 2013
Melanie Vankuiken, M.A., BCBA
Clinical Supervisor
Started March 2015
Brittany Fink, MOT, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Started July 2018
Taryn Lee, M.A., BCBA | Team Trainer
Started May 2014
Tim Freeman, B.A., MHP | Team Trainer
Started June 2015
Joe Carlson, M.A., BCBA | Team Trainer
Started June 2014
Kelly Gherity, B.S., MHP | Program Supervisor
Started February 2014
Bridgette Pumarlo, B.S., MHP | Program Supervisor
Started September 2015
Kristin Paulson, B.S., MHP | Program Supervisor
Started February 2016
Jessica Thorn, M.A., MHP | Program Supervisor
Started June 2016
Stephanie Polizzi, MSW, RBT, MHP | Program Supervisor
Started June 2017
Chloe Goldstein, B.A., MHP | Junior Explorer Lead
Started May 2014
Rachel Schuth, B.A., MHP | Adventure Club Lead
Started December 2017
Taylor Lundgren, M.S., MHP | Program Supervisor
Started December 2017
Leah Willett, M.S., BCBA | Program Supervisor
Started December 2017
Kate Lippitt, B.A., MHP | Program Supervisor
Started May 2007
Ellen Sahli, M.A., BCBA | Behavior Therapist
Started September 2017
Melanie Breza, B.A., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started January 2018
Fabien Dubbe, B.A., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started February 2018
Danielle Detloff, B.S., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started April 2018
Wyatt Brooks, B.S., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started June 2018
Ariel Dubbe, B.S., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started July 2018
Marie Haugen, B.S., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started July 2018
Moriah Stephens, B.A., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started July 2018
Sarah Fischer, B.S., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started September 2018
Emily Sample, B.S.E., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started September 2018
Alissa Vasko, B.S., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started December 2018
Paige Holman, B.S., RBT, MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started January 2019
Caprice Dye, B.A., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started February 2019
Dan Ewen, MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started February 2019
Raquel Martin, M.A., RBT, MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started February 2019
Shannon Regan, B.A., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started April 2019
Stephanie DeLong, B.S., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started June 2019
Seth Severson, B.S., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started June 2019
Josephine Gapinski, B.A., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started June 2019
Chantal Wohnoutka, BSW, MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started June 2019
Genna Joyce, B.S., MHP | Behavior Therapist
Started July 2019
Maddie Greelis | Part-Time Behavior Therapist
Started June 2018
Aubrianna Kolb, COTA/L | Occupational Therapy Assistant
Started August 2018
Lily Daws, COTA/L | Occupational Therapy Assistant
Started November 2018
Sophie Wilmshurst, COTA | Occupational Therapy Assistant
Started June 2019
Kaitlyn Hirvela, M.S., CF-SLP | Speech Therapist
Started June 2019
Stephanie Frey, M.A., CF-SLP | Speech Therapist
Started June 2019
Katy Fuller, B.A., MHP | Office Manager
Started March 2011
Grace Pederson, B.A. | Office Manager
Started June 2019
Lisa Liszt | Administrative Assistant
Started April 2015



Holland Center strives to create the best learning environment possible for our clients. This includes minimizing chemicals from the environment that may be harmful to the children.

Our center uses chemical-free, non-toxic, and plant-based cleaning products. Holland Center also uses hydrogen peroxide for cleaning.  We hire a professional carpet cleaning company that uses enhanced water that is electrolyzed and oxidized, instead of chemicals, to create a powerful cleaning solution.

There are no pesticides or herbicides used on the grounds. All students, staff, and visitors are requested to remove their shoes or wear center only shoes while at Holland Center.

The paint used throughout the center is no-VOC paint which eliminates exposure to volatile organic compounds.  The cove adhesives used are rated green and no-VOC as well.

The floor on the main level is marmoleum.  Marmoleum is a non-toxic, anti-bacterial flooring.  The upper level is carpet that has been completely outgassed.

Wood or metal is chosen whenever possible for center needs. We strive to lessen any plastic, especially soft plastics, which can be toxic. We strive to be compliant with European Union standards of safety.

Staff are asked to refrain from wearing scented products such as perfume, lotions, and shampoos.

The playground contains two Rainbow Play Systems built with Redwood. The wood is untreated to reduce potential toxins.

For more information about how chemicals impact our environment, please visit:


The benefits of dietary intervention have been supported by researchers in the autism community. Our therapists work with professionals to understand these dietary interventions and help assist families in their implementation. Our therapists also understand the need for vitamin and mineral supplementation and are trained to administer these supplements as well as other prescribed medications.

Holland Center is a gluten- and casein-free facility. Research has shown that some children with autism have been found to have insufficient amounts of the DPPIV enzyme that breaks down the gluten and casein molecules. In order to provide these children with the safest environment possible, we do not permit clients to bring foods containing gluten and casein into Holland Center.

For more information about gluten- and casein-free dietary interventions, please visithttps://tacanow.org/family-resources/diet/

Artificial food coloring is not permitted in items that are meant to be consumed at the center. These dyes have been linked to hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, behavior issues, and tumors.

For more information about artificial colors, please visit:

In order to best meet the needs of our clients with peanut allergies, we are a peanut-free facility.


10273 Yellow Circle Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55343

(952) 401-9359



Holland Center is a MN autism center and a day program for treatment of children with autism.

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10273 Yellow Circle Dr.
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