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About the Position:

Holland Center is hiring Behavior Therapists to join our established, Twin Cities based program, working one on one with children with autism using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Behavior Therapists are trained on 7-10 clients and work with anywhere from three clients to all of them each day. Holland Center’s clients range from 2 to 16 years old and represent the entire autism spectrum. With the wide variety of clients, staff have the opportunity to gain experience with all types of learners.

Hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM with no evenings or weekends required.

We require candidates to qualify as a Mental Health Practitioner in one of the following ways:

  • Holds a bachelor’s degree in one of the behavioral sciences or related fields from an accredited college or university and has at least 2,000 hours of supervised experience in the delivery of mental health services to clients with mental illness.
  • Is a graduate student in one of the mental health professional disciplines and is formally assigned by an accredited college or university to an agency or facility for clinical training.
  • Holds a masters or other graduate degree in one of the mental health professional disciplines from an accredited college or university.
  • Has at least 6,000 hours of supervised experience in the delivery of mental health services to clients with mental illness.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits:

We offer competitive salary, and benefit packages including medical, dental and vision as well as a 401K with employer matching and the opportunity to join a close knit team of dedicated professionals. Starting rates range from $16.00 to 17.00 an hour, with opportunities for advancement.

Additionally, we at Holland Center partner with Florida Institute of Technology to allow our staff to get a Master’s in Behavior Analysis degree while working here. We offer a guaranteed internship placement and *supervision during the second year of the program. For more information about the Florida Institute of Technology, visit their website:

*Please note that this position does not offer supervision hours for any field other than BCBA certification.

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Why work at Holland Center?

There are many reasons why people come to work at Holland Center and stay with us for many years!  Here are just a few of those reasons:

“The staff here are incredibly supportive of each other and genuinely want everyone to succeed.”

“We are like a close knit family here.”

“Seeing the children’s progress makes this job very rewarding.”

“Children receive evidence-based interventions delivered by well trained Behavior Therapists.”

“There are lots of opportunities for Behavior Therapists to grow and develop as they embark on their careers in the field of autism and applied behavior analysis (ABA).”

“Supervision is provided for individuals working on their Masters degree in ABA. Holland Center also partners with the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) to have a guaranteed internship placement in the second year of their ABA Masters program.”

“As a team, we do the best work we can for the kids that we work with.”

“Since no day is exactly like the last, I learn something new every day.”

“All staff at Holland Center are allowed multiple opportunities to grow in both the field of behavior analysis and as a professional.”

“Our clientele encompasses the entire autism spectrum, providing our staff with opportunities to learn how to work with a variety of different learners.”

“The quality of therapy is top notch. All procedures and protocols are evidence-based and receive ongoing supervision to ensure they are run with integrity and fidelity.”

“Our staff genuinely enjoy working with this population, they celebrate both big and small gains, and work hard to help kids achieve their highest potential, whatever that may be.”

“I am lucky to work with a team of experienced, well trained, supportive, and compassionate BCBAs, Speech Language Pathologists, and Behavior Therapists that work collaboratively to provide high quality therapy.”

“They provide intense thorough training of ABA, which allows therapists to become confident in their skills and experts in their field.”


Holland Center is a MN autism center and a day program for treatment of children with autism.

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